All my paintings are original concepts and painted with a mixture of Acrylic, Oil and Spray Paint. The giclee sizes below are the same size as the original painting. If you are interested in purchasing the Originals please contact me for prices.

In Your Face Art

I have always made art to create a reaction. My aim is to charm you with witty, twisted, and sometimes nostalgic narratives that both celebrate and satirize contemporary culture. My work is open to interpretation but often contains a joke or visual pun that inspired me, and viewers join the experience when they read the layered elements together and get the joke.

Influenced by the genre-bending styles of Pop Surrealism and the Lowbrow art movement, my work blends elements from pop culture, symbolic icons of religion and war, and modern fears of the American lifestyle. In addition to mixing concepts and imagery, my work mixes classical oil painting techniques with a wide variety of media: stencils and spray-paint, drawing, acrylic paint and found objects. As a thrift-store-loving child of the 80s, I often incorporate vintage finds in surprising ways, such as creating the backgrounds of many paintings by using lace tablecloths as stencils for spray-paint.

My audience has grown through gallery shows, a growing international audience for my prints online, and as stickers on the street. Join my debauched brain in this artistic journey, where the only rule is “don’t take life to seriously or you’ll never get out alive.”


It was all a dream

It was all a Dream (Dream Big)

Pop Culture

My Pop Culture section is not a series but a style and most of my paintings have some American Pop culture references in them. I was born in the 80’s and I enjoy adding nostalgic childhood American pop culture images into my art, whether it be an iconic music artist, movie celebrity, Star Wars character, or cartoons I watched. These are all things I grew up with that hold a place near my heart. They usually have a story and those stories are what has made me who I am today.

A Breed of their Own

The “A BREED OF THEIR OWN” series started with the painting concept for the “pirate walrus”. One day I was watching a sea life documentary and it was talking about the walrus and how territorial and aggressive they can be specially during mating season. It showed two giant male walruses fighting over a female. One of them had a broken tusk and the narrariator said that this would often happen and many times these long battles will go to the death. I thought to myself, “what would a walrus replace his broken tusk with if he could”? and the answer I came up with was a wooden tusk, kind of like a “pirates wooden leg”. The more I thought about it the more the character developed. He would also put a jewel in it to impress the ladies and would have an old British style officer’s coat that he looted from a conquered ship on the open sea. Thus the “PIRATE WALRUS” was born and needed to be painted. The others followed suit by taking an animals physical characteristics and asking the question “If this animal had a human persona, what would it be?” This is a fun ongoing series that continues with the endless supply of the world’s beautiful creatures.
intellectu-owl giclee


pee wee I know you are but what am I

Pee Wee I Know You Are But What Am I

Knuckle Tattoos

My “KNUCKLE TATTOO” series started with the “Michael Jackson Thriller” painting idea. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and remember when the thriller video came out and shocked the nation. It was ground breaking and to this day still holds up.  I wanted to do a zombie piece and while coming up with ideas and thinking about how a stereotypical zombie walks with his hands out into the foreground of the image it came to me. “THRILLER” fits on the knuckles and I could do that in the same lettering as the video.  I hand cut this image as a woodblock print, because that was the medium I was currently working with in College.

The second “knuckle tattoo” piece was an oil painting of HARRY CARAY “CUBS WIN!”  I thought about how Michael Jackson doesn’t really have any tattoos or at least not know for any and the idea of putting “knuckle tattoos” on famous people without tattoos sounded fun.

For this one first you must know I was born in Illinois and was the rebel Chicago Cubs fan in a family of all Cardinals fans. I think it was the rebel artist in me that just didn’t want to have to like what I was told or what everyone else liked. I wanted to do a cubs painting but never really knew how to make it my own and different than all the dumb sports art that you always see. I also really liked Harry Caray’s boozy persona and how Will Ferrell did him on SNL and ended the skits with saying “cubs win” “cubs win”.  All of these ingredients led to my second/first Knuckle tattoo painting! The series has now evolved into many iconic pop culture and sports figures and strayed away from being about non-tattooed people but just the perfect word or words and lettering. 

 I also don’t have any tattoos. I really like and appreciate them, but have commitment issues and get tired of things easily. 

Thrift Store Re-Paints

My “THRIFT STORE RE-PAINT” series began with a painting I created in college titled “RAINBOW TANK”. While studying art for my Bachelor’s degree I grew tired of learning about all of the “classic greats” or “masters”.  Although they are beautiful and amazing in their own way they became redundant and I was looking for something new. I really started to enjoy graffiti art and the urban vandal style artists. I think Banksy had just become popular and I really enjoyed the wit and cleverness that those style of pieces convey. Following many of these graffiti artists I learned how to cut a stencil and bought some spray paint colors to play around with.  I then took a Bob Ross style landscape painting and re-painted back into it a tank shooting a rainbow.     

Just recently I have found my love again for the thrift store re-paint. I have always loved thrifting and find many of the vintage frames I use for my original paintings at these types of stores. Often the paintings that are in these frames are not half bad and it’s fun to paint things back into them in a clever way.  I also enjoy the challenge of trying to match the painting style of the artist.  It pushes me outside of my comfort zone and I think that is a good place to be as an artist.      

super Mario Bros art, nintendo art, lowbrow art, contemporary art, pop art,

Rainbow Tank

oode la la oode la la golly what a day

Oode Lally Oode Lally Golly What a Day


My “NIGHTLIFE” series was created because most of the painting ideas in this category came to me while I was out on the town with fiends enjoying some drinks and what have you. If a painting idea would come to me I grab a bar napkin and a pen and scribble down the concept usually with a crappy doodle to remind myself exactly what I was thinking about. Some of these were not always winners and the next day while going through them I would think to myself “what was I drinking”.  I always like to write down my thoughts and ideas this way I have them to possibly use if I ever get an art block.


The environment is another issue that I hold close to my heart. I love the ocean and have done a few paintings about the polluting of it. I feel that the ocean is the life blood to the earth and we need to take care of it. Life is about balance and if we throw that off it can have dire consequences.
yin and yang

Yin and Yang

The Usual Suspects giclee

The Usual Suspects


I am a big activist of Equality and feel strongly that changes need to be made in our police system and governments policies. We are at an embarrassing and scary time in history with a hate mongering president. I have always believed in the “golden rule” do onto others as you would want done to you. It’s simple and goes a long way.
Dumbo is one of my all-time favorite movies and I love the characters of the Black Crows. It was made in the 40’s and there was a lot of racism going on then and even Disney made them very “Black” with their voices and mannerisms. I painted them into a police lineup and titled it “THE USUAL SUSPECTS” in re guards to racial profiling. This is a very powerful piece that is sadly still relevant to what is happening in America now.


Being an artist I am able to use my artwork as my voice and it gives me a platform. I have never been a fan of war and I am not the most patriotic American. I feel like a lot of our government’s decisions have ulterior motives. I also don’t agree with our gun laws and think that we need to make some serious changes to those. However guns are such a powerful image and I do like to use them in my art to convey my message.
wings for warriors giclee nws

Wings for Warriors

gangsta jesus giclee

Serve and Collect


Religion and art have gone hand and hand since the beginning of time. Although I am not religious and lean toward Atheism and being Agnostic I do still enjoy to play with the iconic Jesus image. My “GANGSTA JESUS” is a very powerful image that gets a lot of attention. That is pretty much the reason why I created it. I love peoples reaction to it and specially love when bible thumpers don’t like it or say “I don’t know how I feel about it”. Art is supposed to make the viewer have a reaction and that is the beauty of it.

Day of the Dead

My “DAY OF THE DEAD” series was inspired by a documentary I watched titled “flight of the butterflies”. In this insightful documentary it shows the incredible migration of the Monarch Butterfly. Scientists are baffled how this tiny insect can travel these enormous distances.  They start in the South American Mexico area and travel up into North American and Canada and back. What inspired my first day of the dead skull painting was that the Mexican people of these small villages believe that their ancestor’s souls are carried in on the wings of these Butterflies and they celebrate this as the “Dia De Los Muertos” or “day of the dead”. The catch 22 in this is that big lumber companies have come into these areas and began to cut down all of the rain forests where these Monarch butterflies live and it is killing millions of them.  These small towns are lured in by big money and the deforestation is devastating.  It’ not only killing these big beautiful trees but also killing off a part of their culture and in a way their legacy. This was very powerful and moving which inspired me to paint the “DAY OF THE DEAD MONARCH BUTTERFLY”.  I built the skulls face using symbols of the situation. The Butterflies are the eyes which stand for the souls, the chainsaws are the eye brows which represent the cutting down of the trees and their homes. The diamond represents strength and power that the butterflies use to make their migration every year and the flowers are the symbols of birth and the growing of each generation.

As this series continues to grow I really love choosing different theme skulls and doing research about that topic so I can include some powerful elements and fun little Easter eggs within each piece.  I feel like it builds extra levels and depth to the painting which can also add a beautiful story.

day of th edead monarch butterfly

Day of the Dead Butterfly

Kanye West Egos

Kanye West Egos

Rappers’ Cereal Boxes

My series Rappers on cereal boxes started with the idea of just that. I grew up eating a lot of cereal and back then they made different cereals for everything from TV shows, movies, celebrities, and cartoons. I also grew up listening to gangsta rap and I thought it would be cool to put these two things together. The first one I did was Kanye’s EGOS and it was kind of a burn on him because he is such a conceded narcissist. Snoop loops came just because of the alliteration and the Wu-Tang is Honey Comb cereal because of the killa Bees reference. I have ideas for a few more so this series will continue.

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A Little About Jared Aubel

Jared Aubel (b. 1980) is a contemporary painter who mixes classic painting techniques with elements of Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, and street-art. Educated at Arizona State University, Aubel graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture.  The unique diversified course study at ASU allowed Aubel to experiment with multiple artistic mediums and techniques, leading to his skillful mash-up style of old and new, high and lowbrow. His content is usually inspired by lived experiences, night life, and eccentricities of modern society. Clever jokes and visual puns are created by layering elements of nostalgic pop culture, symbolic icons of religion and war and modern fears of the American lifestyle. Aubel has exhibited work in the gallery setting, sticker art on the street, and gained an international following for his prints through his website.

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