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Thrift Store Re-Paints

My “THRIFT STORE RE-PAINT” series began with a painting I created in college titled “RAINBOW TANK”. While studying art for my Bachelor’s degree I grew tired of learning about all of the “classic greats” or “masters”.  Although they are beautiful and amazing in their own way they became redundant and I was looking for something new. I really started to enjoy graffiti art and the urban vandal style artists. I think Banksy had just become popular and I really enjoyed the wit and cleverness that those style of pieces convey. Following many of these graffiti artists I learned how to cut a stencil and bought some spray paint colors to play around with.  I then took a Bob Ross style landscape painting and re-painted back into it a tank shooting a rainbow.     

Just recently I have found my love again for the thrift store re-paint. I have always loved thrifting and find many of the vintage frames I use for my original paintings at these types of stores. Often the paintings that are in these frames are not half bad and it’s fun to paint things back into them in a clever way.  I also enjoy the challenge of trying to match the painting style of the artist.  It pushes me outside of my comfort zone and I think that is a good place to be as an artist.