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Jared Aubel (b. 1980) is a contemporary painter who mixes classic painting techniques with elements of Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, and street-art. Educated at Arizona State University, Aubel graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture.  The unique diversified course study at ASU allowed Aubel to experiment with multiple artistic mediums and techniques, leading to his skillful mash-up style of old and new, high and lowbrow. His content is usually inspired by lived experiences, night life, and eccentricities of modern society. Clever jokes and visual puns are created by layering elements of nostalgic pop culture, symbolic icons of religion and war and modern fears of the American lifestyle. Aubel has exhibited work in the gallery setting, sticker art on the street, and gained an international following for his prints through his website.



I have always made art to create a reaction. My aim is to charm you with witty, twisted, and sometimes nostalgic narratives that both celebrate and satirize contemporary culture. My work is open to interpretation but often contains a joke or visual pun that inspired me, and viewers join the experience when they read the layered elements together and get the joke.

Influenced by the genre-bending styles of Pop Surrealism and the Lowbrow art movement, my work blends elements from pop culture, symbolic icons of religion and war, and modern fears of the American lifestyle. In addition to mixing concepts and imagery, my work mixes classical oil painting techniques with a wide variety of media: stencils and spray-paint, drawing, acrylic paint and found objects. As a thrift-store-loving child of the 80s, I often incorporate vintage finds in surprising ways, such as creating the backgrounds of many paintings by using lace tablecloths as stencils for spray-paint.

My audience has grown through gallery shows, a growing international audience for my prints online, and as stickers on the street. Join my debauched brain in this artistic journey, where the only rule is “don’t take life to seriously or you’ll never get out alive.”