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A Breed of Their Own

The “A BREED OF THEIR OWN” series started with the painting concept for the “pirate walrus”. One day I was watching a sea life documentary and it was talking about the walrus and how territorial and aggressive they can be specially during mating season. It showed two giant male walruses fighting over a female. One of them had a broken tusk and the narrariator said that this would often happen and many times these long battles will go to the death. I thought to myself, “what would a walrus replace his broken tusk with if he could”? and the answer I came up with was a wooden tusk, kind of like a “pirates wooden leg”. The more I thought about it the more the character developed. He would also put a jewel in it to impress the ladies and would have an old British style officer’s coat that he looted from a conquered ship on the open sea. Thus the “PIRATE WALRUS” was born and needed to be painted. The others followed suit by taking an animals physical characteristics and asking the question “If this animal had a human persona, what would it be?” This is a fun ongoing series that continues with the endless supply of the world’s beautiful creatures.