Anti-war art has always been some of my favorite.  Many of my fellow artists have created some inspiring anti war art.  Some of my favorites are the iconic Shepard Fairey, and Ron English.  They have taken serious political issues and used their fine art craft to create a message.   I realize that sometimes war is inevitable, but I feel like now a days it all has hidden agendas.  I was happy to be chosen to participate in a “MAKE ART NOT WAR” themed show.  The piece I created is a simple, playful but powerful, interpretation of the words “make art not war”.  I am stoked on the way this painting came out and have got such a positive reaction from the shows and viewers that I will be getting signed numbered prints of it made.  Stay tuned for release date.

MAKE ART NOT WAR (finger paint gun)

16″ by 20″

printed on a thick 120 lb cover stock paper

each print will be hand signed and numbered and embossed stamped

edition of 300 ,  $45 each


make art not war by jared aubel oil on panel ws

MAKE ART NOT WAR (finger paint gun)

oil and acrylic on wood panel

by Jared Aubel

I have Brand New “in loving memory of my memory” stickers and have sticker packs for sale.  Each pack will contain 5 stickers chosen at random.  If you have a preference please just say which ones you would like at check out. 

In loving memory of my memory, intellectu-owl, gangster jesus, skull and cross brushes, brass knuckle butterfly, punk rock zebra, harry caray cubs win, the usual suspects.


in loving memory of my memory stickers 2


sticker pack

I was lucky enough to be in Chicago for the lollapalooza weekend!  It was amazing!  I got to see family, party with friends for my birthday, and check out some awesome shows and galleries!  One in particular was the Art Alliance, Provocateurs! This show contained over 40 artists including some of my all time favorites; Shepard Fairey, Keith Harring, Space Invader, D*FACE, SWOON, REVOK, RETNA, and WK Interact.  While in town I also got to see some of my art along side of the OBEY GIANT campaign and around  Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs Stadium!  It was a very inspirational trip and will help push me toward future goals.  


shepard fairey obey giant and gangsta jesus

harry caray cubs win lollapalooza 2014


I am happy to announce my newest limited edition signed numbered print Intellectu-Owl (Hipster owl).  This is the latest oil painting in my series I call ” A Breed Of Their Own” giving animals human personas.  This print is the largest one that I have done to date.  It measures 24″ by 36″ and is printed on a thick 120 lb paper stock.  Each print is hand signed, numbered, and embossed stamped.  Also this painting is featured in the august issue of British GQ Magazine!  On Sale now in the shop, $75 each!


intellectu-owl print ws fb

I have new Gangster Jesus iron on patches for sale! They measure 2.5″ by 3″ and are $6.00 each.  These would look great on any shirt, hat, purse ect.  Create your own Gangster Jesus Swag with these limited edition custom patches.




I was one of the top winners of the TUACA NAPKIN ART CONTEST!!  A few months back tuaca liqueur held a cocktail napkin drawing contest in which hundreds of entries applied.  I did the drawing below with prismacolor markers and a fine tip pen.  A few days ago I received an email stating that I am one of the top winners!  One of the prizes was that they will be printing my art on their napkins, so keep an eye out for them at your local bar! 



tuaca napkin drawing jared aubel

I am happy to announce that I am featured in the July issue of British GQ Magazine.  My Hunter S. Thompson painting is in the bottom left corner and a small write up about my art.  Limited edition signed numbered prints are available in the shop.  They measure 18″ by 24″ and are printed on a thick 120 lb. paper stock. 




british gq magazine hunter s thompson