by Jared Aubel

Influenced by the genre-bending styles of Pop Surrealism, Urban and the Low Brow art movement, Jared Aubel’s work blends elements from pop culture, symbolic icons of religion, war, and modern fears of the American lifestyle. In addition to mixing concepts and imagery, his urban art work mixes classical oil painting techniques with a wide variety of media: stencils and spray-paint, drawing, acrylic paint and found objects. As a thrift-store-loving child of the 80s, he often incorporates vintage finds in surprising ways, such as creating the backgrounds of many paintings by using lace tablecloths as stencils for spray-paint.

His audience has grown through gallery shows, a rapidly growing international audience for his Urban art online prints such as his Gangsta Jesus, and the gorilla marketing campaigns of slap tags and stickers. Join his debauched brain in this artistic journey, where the only rule is:

“Don’t take life to seriously or you’ll never get out alive.”

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