I have new Gangster Jesus iron on patches for sale! They measure 4″ by 3″ and are $6.00 each.  These would look great on any shirt, hat, purse ect.  Create your own Gangster Jesus Swag with these limited edition custom patches.




I was one of the top winners of the TUACA NAPKIN ART CONTEST!!  A few months back tuaca liqueur held a cocktail napkin drawing contest in which hundreds of entries applied.  I did the drawing below with prismacolor markers and a fine tip pen.  A few days ago I received an email stating that I am one of the top winners!  One of the prizes was that they will be printing my art on their napkins, so keep an eye out for them at your local bar! 



tuaca napkin drawing jared aubel

I am happy to announce that I am featured in the July issue of British GQ Magazine.  My Hunter S. Thompson painting is in the bottom left corner and a small write up about my art.  Limited edition signed numbered prints are available in the shop.  They measure 18″ by 24″ and are printed on a thick 120 lb. paper stock. 




british gq magazine hunter s thompson

I have been working hard in the studio on some new paintings.  This one is just about done.  Its titled ” INTELLECTU-OWL “.  This will be my next signed numbered limited edition print.   Stay tuned for its release date.


intellectu owl studio

I am thrilled to announce the release of my brand new print

“The Oceans Calling”

Hand signed and numbered

embossed stamped

limited edition of 300

measures 18″ by 24″ and printed on a thick 120 lb. paper stock

the ocean calling vertical response image


$65.00 each

 GQ front cover       wonder wall hang it up

” The Oceans Calling” is currently featured in the June 2014 issue of British GQ Magazine

oceans calling signing ws

My “The Oceans Calling” painting was inspired by my love of the ocean and the beach life stlye!  living in Arizona, several times a year I get the strong desire (a calling) to get out of the heat and get to the ocean.  I love everything about it and I am constantly drawn to it!  There is just something calming about the tides and It puts beach goers in a friendly laid back mood.

    I also strongly believe that we need to change what we are doing to them!  We are over fishing and heavily polluting our oceans!  Although the ocean covers two thirds of the earth, it is surprisingly vulnerable to the human influence.  80% of marine pollution originates from inland, and most of it is plastic.  Please do some research and make an effort!  The Ocean is a huge part of the earths water cycle!  Our Residents, Businesses and government agencies need to work together and start to make some changes before its to late!  Our Life Depends On It!

~love Life~