Day Of The Dead Sticker Pack



quantity: 4

each measure “3 and are printed on a weatherproof vinyl

In stock (can be backordered)

This is a 4 piece sticker pack of my Day Of The Dead artwork. Each sticker measures 3" and is printed on a weatherproof vinyl.  This is a fun ongoing series that I am doing of themed Day of the dead skulls. The original artwork is all done with spray paint, acrylic, and oil paint. The first one I painted was the Monarch Butterfly.  I was inspired by a documentary that I watched called " ON THE WINGS OF THE MONARCH". Its a very moving film that shows the feats of these amazing little creatures, The last and most recent one is the ARIZONA DAY OF THE DEAD SKULL. Being an Arizona artist I kind of had to do something that represented the state I live in. I used some of Arizona's iconic imagery to help build the skull.  Both of these are also available as signed and numbered fine art prints. These Stickers look rad on hydro flasks and are sure to turn some heads.