The Usual Suspects giclee

The Usual Suspects


I am a big activist of Equality and feel strongly that changes need to be made in our police system and governments policies. We are at an embarrassing and scary time in history with a hate mongering president. I have always believed in the “golden rule” do onto others as you would want done to you. It’s simple and goes a long way.
Dumbo is one of my all-time favorite movies and I love the characters of the Black Crows. It was made in the 40’s and there was a lot of racism going on then and even Disney made them very “Black” with their voices and mannerisms. I painted them into a police lineup and titled it “THE USUAL SUSPECTS” in reguards to racial profiling. This is a very powerful piece that is sadly still relevant to what is happening in America now.


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A Little About Jared Aubel

Jared Aubel (b. 1980) is a contemporary painter who mixes classic painting techniques with elements of Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, and street-art. Educated at Arizona State University, Aubel graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts, specializing in sculpture.  The unique diversified course study at ASU allowed Aubel to experiment with multiple artistic mediums and techniques, leading to his skillful mash-up style of old and new, high and lowbrow. His content is usually inspired by lived experiences, night life, and eccentricities of modern society. Clever jokes and visual puns are created by layering elements of nostalgic pop culture, symbolic icons of religion and war and modern fears of the American lifestyle. Aubel has exhibited work in the gallery setting, sticker art on the street, and gained an international following for his prints through his website.