Work Hard Play Hard is the title of my newest painting.  This urban art oil painting was inspired by my love for cartoons and Disney.  I grew up in the 80’s so I was lucky to be raised on the classic Saturday morning cartoons and movies including the great Fantasia.  At a young age I didn’t appreciate all of the beautiful components that went into each episode/movie.  They were just amusing cartoon that every child watched.  Now that I am a professional artist, I appreciate all of the elements that go into making these timeless classics.  Starting from the concept story board, to the artists drawing and all elegantly assembled and synced up to a composed orchestra .  There is a lot of work that went into these works of art .  I believe that hard work always pays off.  I was raised by parents with an incredibly strong work ethic and I am happy that it has rubbed off on me.  I take great pride in my art and hold it to high standards.  I am my own worst critic and sometimes that is frustrating but it keeps me producing good art.  With hard work comes rewards and sometimes you have to treat yourself.  I feel that life is a balance and needs to be treated that way.  If you get bogged down with work it can be counter productive and uninspiring.  Some of my best ideas stemmed from a fun night out on the town.  I have always been a social person and I enjoy a cold beer and some good times with friends.  So when I work hard I also play hard!  “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” is made with oil paint, acrylic, and spray paint on a wood panel.  This piece measures 18″ by 24″.  (contact for price inquiry)

Enjoy Life,

~Jared Aubel

work hard play hard painting by Jared aubel ws