The Hateful 8 is a new movie by Quentin Tarantino coming out this Christmas.  Tarantino and the fine people at Pabst Blue Ribbon teamed up and launched a poster art contest.  Being a big fan of Quentin Tarantino’s movies and beer, I jumped at this opportunity to create something.  With not much time or info on the move and only a trailer to go off of I got to work.  Many of Tarantino’s past movie poster’s art are very simple and basically shadow figures, blood splatters, and the movie title.  I wanted to take this into consideration but yet design something clever that has  more of a oil painted look and not photo shopped.  I sat down with a cold PBR and came up with the concept of “THE HUNTERS ARE HUNTED” stemming from the premise of the movie being about bounty killers that are trapped in a cabin due to a blizzard and begin killing or “hunting” each other.  I saw in the trailer that there was a deer skull on the cabin wall and skulls represent death , which I am sure this movie would have plenty of, and hunters so I wanted to use this as the main image somehow.  I wanted to also use guns in the painting so I did some research and found the exact models used in the movie that corresponded to that post war old west time period.  I painted the revolver deer skull and added 8 prongs to the antlers to represent the “HATEFUL 8”.  For the background I used my signature style of stencil spray paint to give it a blizzard forest look and of coarse I added a bit of blood drips.  Western style letters and that is a finished “THE HATEFUL 8” painting that I am extremely proud of and would love for it to be used with the movie.

~Jared Aubel