I love to see art and have my art be seen, that is why I wanted to create a sightings page. Art is everywhere! There are many different ways to experience and see art. Two of the main ways are to go to galleries or art shows and view it hanging in a professional setting or you can accidentally happen upon it out in public. Some of it is meant to be there some of it is not and sometimes the art that is not meant to be there is the best. I have done both forms and enjoy each of them for different reasons.
In the gallery setting you get a very controlled environment with patrons or fans that are coming expecting to view and experience art. They are purposely there and are usually in the viewing mode. I enjoy this because you get your collectors and people who really appreciate art for what it is. Your art is at its finest display potential with great lighting and usually nothing to distract from the experience of each piece. This is “ideal” and I say that loosely because that is not always the easiest way nor the best way for people to see your art.
I am a big fan of gorilla marketing, slap tagging, stickering, graffiti art, bombing, street art, vandalism, wheat pasting or whatever else you want to call it! I enjoy all of them! There is something raw and beautiful about it. I think it comes down to the fact that the artist is just showing their artistic expression weather they have permission to or not. I feel like that is true passion and dedication to doing what they love. Many time these images are some of the most clever because they can use the environment and the pay off is the viewer’s reaction. Many of my favorite artists have used these tactics, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy, to just name a few.
I will always include stickers with any purchase and I encourage you to put them up fun places, take pictures and send them to me. I would also love to see my art hanging beautifully in your home somewhere and will also add those to the sightings album. Just email them to jaredsart@aol.com subject: sightings