My newest painting is titled “PUNK PANTHER”.  I was chosen by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Punk Forefront as one of 5 featured artist to do a piece for the PUNK FOREFRONT fund raiser party and art show at The Yucca Tap Room in Tempe Az..  I wanted to tie the two companies together and came up with a fun punk panther image with patches and buttons one being PBR.   I wanted to do this painting in the color pallet of pinks, purples and reds because they are currently featuring a couple amazing all female punk rock bands and I wanted it to be a little girly and also play off of the word “Pink Panther”.  This painting goes along with a series that I started years ago called “A BREED OF THEIR OWN”.   Its an ongoing series about animals with human personas.  I am extremely happy with the way this painting turned out.  I had done another Punk Rock animal painting which was titled ” PUNK ROCK ZEBRA” and I wanted the viewer to see the juxtaposition of the two so I used the zebra print collar to tie them to each other.  This was a fun painting to do even though it was a close call to complete in time.  The painting was definitely hanging with wet paint at the event but luckily nobody bumped into it.  I am not sure when this series will end because I keep thinking up new ones so stay tuned for the next one.


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“Punk Panther”

oil, acrylic,and spray paint on wood panel

24″ by 30″