Have a taste of my prickly pop painting.  I was stoked to be one of the artists chosen to do a mini mural panel for an installation in down town Mesa.  The light rail has been extended to reach down town mesa and there is a hard working community of creative people behind the scenes to make it an art destination.  I love the spirit and the motivation that is happening in Mesa and when I heard that Amy from lulubell toys was putting together a mini mural project I knew I wanted to be a part of it and had to submit something.  The piece that I created is titled “PRICKLY POP”.  It was done using oil, acrylic, and spray paint on a wood panel.  I wanted to do something Arizona themed but not be boring.  I usually don’t like to do “Arizona” art because I find it kitschy.  I came up with the Prickly pop concept because I decided to do a popsicle painting.  Growing up in Arizona one of the best things was hearing the ice cream mans jingle and chasing him down to get a cold snack on an insanely hot summers day.  One of my all time favorites and I deem to be a classic was the “bomb pop”, which is a red whit and blue popsicle.  I wanted to tie this to Arizona and figured what better way than to make it look like a cactus.  It was an easy comparison because they look similar but I like the duality and juxtaposition of the act in which you would handle each of them individually and the fact that you would never want to lick this “prickle pop”  I am very happy with how it turned out and decided to do a small limited edition print run.  This “PRICKLY POP” fine art print measures 11″ by 17″ and is a hand signed numbered edition of ONLY 75.  I have also priced these at only $25 each!! Get one while they last!

~Jared Aubel