A few weeks ago I received an email from the David Wright house asking if I would want to be one of the artists to paint an ostrich egg for a charity auction. The David Wright House is a very cool Frank Lloyd Wright House in Phoenix at the base of Camelback Mountain. This sparked my interest!

Jumping back a few years ago I had stopped at and ostrich ranch on the way to a show in Tucson Az where you can feed these giant birds (dinosaurs).  I ended up buying an egg thinking I could do some kind of painting on it or something artistic with it.  I made a giant breakfast for all of my friends with the one giant ostrich egg (which equals 24 chicken eggs) and never got around to doing anything with the massive shell.

Back to a month ago after reading this email felt like this was my chance to finally do something cool with one.   I drove to this Frank Lloyd Wright house to pick up my egg, the directions were very particular.  When you show up you must park at a nearby church and enter through a strange single grey back door.  When you walk in it opens up to this huge space with plush green grass and winding pathways leading to a circular grey house in the middle of the lot.  It felt very Alice in wonderlandish.  There was no one around and a strange quite about the space.  I began to follow the paths to the house in search for a person to speak with about picking up this ostrich egg, which in its self is a bizarre thing to travel to this destination for and have to ask a stranger about.  Still nobody around I approached the house randomly yelling “hello” in hopes of an answer.  After knocking on doors with no reply I made my way to the guest house on the hill figured that I would try there.  Eventually after some time of me opening doors and creepily poking around a human figure from a top the main house noticed me and came down.  I told her I was here for an ostrich egg hoping to god she knew what the hell I was talking about and told her “It’s a very uncomfortable feeling to walk into this strange environment with nobody around looking for an ostrich egg!”  She laughed and apologized for the weirdness and gave me my egg.

Leaving the Frank Lloyd Wright house I decided to stop by a friend restaueraunt The Pig and Pickle ,where I showcase some of my art, and have a drink and say hi.  I tell them my story and show off the ostrich egg.  The owner tells me that he has a little stand that would hold it that I could have.  He brings it out and while talking about having no idea what I was going to paint on it we stupidly saw that the stand looked like a little boxing ring.  BOOM!  That idea snowballed into the idea of Mike Tyson and his love for pigeons (birds) and that might be a weird but funny idea for the egg.   The idea was so bizarre that I had to go with it.  When I got home I began forming Mike Tyson’s face on the ostrich egg using Magic Sculpt, an amazing product that is sculpt able  and adheres to any object.  Below are a few pics of the progress and the final piece.  I enjoyed working on this project and pretty stoked with the way it came out.   Even though the story is a bit long winded I feel like it’s a good one and helps explain the weirdness of my Mike Tyson “HEAVY WEIGHT EGG” ostrich egg.



heavy weight egg progress

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