I am excited to announce my new ‘STOP WARS’ graffiti art print release.  I painted this piece along with the ‘BB-876’ for a Star Wars art show in downtown Temp Arizona just in time for the grand opening of the film.  Growing up as an 80’s child, I was raised watching all of the star wars movies but lets face it who didn’t.  When I had the chance to do a Star Wars painting for the show I knew it had to be a good one.  I have seen lots of star wars fan art and I wanted it to be a little more powerful and clever than just a painting of a character in the movie.  With not much info leaked on “the force awakens” I resorted back to the classics.  My two favorite characters were R2d2 and Yoda and I knew I wanted to do something anti-war related.  I use Spray paint in most of my paintings so I decided to make R2d2 into a spray can and have him bomb the Star Wars logo with some anti-war graffiti art.  Even though this painting is meant to be playful and fun I feel like a lot of the younger generation (millennials) are getting sick of these wars that we (The United States) are in and this is my way of voicing it.  The United States has been at some sort of war for the majority of my life.  I understand that sometimes war is necessary but it has become so accustomed that it is now considered the norm.  The direction we are heading as a country is not looking good, specially with some of the presidential candidates that are running and provoking all of the hatred and negativity toward ethnic groups.  I sure hope we get someone in office that is rational and understands that this country was founded on the idea of freedom and not to build walls and discriminate against religious groups.  We are a melting pot of cultures and that what makes us great. I am super stoked on the way this painting came out so I decided to do a signed numbered limited edition print release of it.  The print measures 18″ by 24″ and is printed on a thick 120 lb. acid free paper.  Each one is hand signed,numbered,and embossed stamped.  They are $65 each.

stop wars painting blk ws

bb-876 framed fb



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