New “GOLDFISH VIOLIN” painting.  Years ago I had the opportunity to work with the Charity Ear Candy, which supplies musical instruments for low income families and under priviledged kids.  I grew up playing the trumpet (not very well) so I know the importance of the arts in school.  I on the other hand went the other direction toward the fine arts.  Being a professional artist in Arizona I have done many shows with some extremely talented people and befriended some along the way.  Ear Candy had about ten non fixable instruments in which they enlisted me to help distribute them to some of my fellow artist and turn into works of art to be auctioned off at a private event.  I kept a cello for myself and chose to do a shark theme on it inspired by the Jaws attack song on which it is played.  The event was a great success and my Jaws Cello was able to raise a good amount of money for a great charity.  I really enjoyed painting on a different medium other than your typical canvas or wood panel so when I found an old violin at a thrift store I bought it right away.  I figured that I would sick with the same ocean/fish theme and  being that the violin looks like a little cello I decided to do a little fish and chose the goldfish. The “GOLDFISH VIOLIN” is painted with oil paint, acrylic, and spray paint on a vintage violin.  To take this piece to another level I added fishing line as the strings and shiny fishing hooks to fasten them to the body.  For the finishing touch I Fashioned clip weights to each line making this one very unique work of art.  This is for available and sale for $1,600

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Jaws Cello by Jared Aubel



goldfish violin by jared aubel wsgoldfish violin detail ws