With all the recent black lives matter and police controversy lately I came up with a new MLK painting, “IT WAS ALL A DREAM”.  This painting symbolizes the juxtaposition between the power and struggle that Martin Luther King went through to get equal rights for African Americans and the famous opening lyric of the rapper Notorious Big’s song Juicy, “It was all a dream”.  As a society we have come along way but the oppression still exists.  With the availability of camera phone technology and rise of mainstream social media many situations have been exposed and come to light.  This duality between the police and the lower class minority will continue to happen until we make some changes.  I feel like these same cameras that are catching these acts need to be permanently used to monitor the actions of officers.  Its come down to the same mind set you would do to catch or prevent a criminal.  If a shoplifter sees cameras or knows that there is surveillance there is a good chance that they will not commit the crime there.  Put surveillance cameras on all police cars and on their person!  This will make sure that everyone is accountable for their actions.  It’s that simple!!  There are many other areas that need to be amended but I feel like this one would be a great help.

I was raised by two very loving and kind hearted parents and I was taught good moral values.  I grew up in a school that was considered more “ghetto” than most and was a melting pot of different social classes.  For example there were many different groups; the blacks (which I hung out with alot), the preppy white kids, the dobles (border mexicans), the cowboys, and the stoners (skaters).  I have always been a social person so I was able to befriend many people in all of these different groups.  Some of these groups did not get along very well and there were some pretty violent fights and shootings.  What I am trying to say is that there will always be social classes and somewhat of a power struggle between them but the police need to befriend these groups and become a friend not a foe.  Years of corruption has made this difficult but with the right adjustments and of coarse time, I feel like we can fix this.  I feel like we are at a point where the shit has hit the fan but this can also be a good thing.  Everything is now out on the table and hopefully we can remedy it and find the light at the end of this tunnel.

This painting is a mash up of the great Martin Luther King Jr. and Notorious Big (biggie smalls).  MLK is known for his famous ” I have a dream ” speech while rapper Notorious Big rapped about his struggle growing up and selling drugs to feed his kid saying, “It was all a dream”.  I found both of these to be very powerful and thought provoking when you look at them together.  With all of the controversy going on with the police and the black lives matter movement I wanted to put them together in one beautiful “think piece” painting.

I hope you enjoy it,


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Oil,Acrylic,and Spray Paint on wood panel

24″ by 30″

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