My Newest Painting titled “Chicago Whales”.  I was born in Illinois and grew up as the black sheep Chicago Cub fan in a St. Louis Cardinals family.  I remember going to cardinals games as a kid and being super bummed out that I wasn’t watching the cubs.  I think it was in my rebellious artist nature to like the rival team of my family.  It wasn’t until I was much older that I finally got to go to a Chicago cubs game at Wrigley Field, and of coarse they lost.  Its tough being a cubs fan because they are the lovable losers.    After my recent trip to Chicago, I was lucky enough that the cubs were in town and got to catch a Game.  It was a cold wet windy day and when I walked into the ballpark I noticed the score board said “Chicago Whales” and all the players were wearing old grey and blue pin striped knicker uniforms.  It just happened to be a throw back “Chicago Whales” game!  The game went into extra innings and the cubs ended up winning it in the 13 inning! I didn’t know that the cubs used to be called the Chicago Whales so when I got home I did some research.  The Chicago whales played in the federal league from 1914 to 1915.  It was short lived after the federal league was disbursed into the american and national leagues.  The Chicago Cubs now play in their old arena Wrigley field.  I loved this information its quite the whale of a tale and it inspired me to do a painting.  When I envision a chicago cub whale I think of that time era when they whore top hats and smoked pipes so I gave the whale that old timey look.  This is “Chicago Whales”or  (Cubbles) Oil paint, acrylic and spray paint on a wood panel with a vintage frame.  CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!!     (email for price inquiry)

~Jared Aubel


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