My latest painting ” MANIFEST JUSTICE” is a piece I did for an art contest.  With all of the unjust police shootings, arrests, and mis-treating of Black lives in the news, I am happy to get the opportunity to do a painting on the issue and be able to use my artistic voice with my art.  The contests theme is to create something that conveys Justice, Human rights, power, or action.  I chose the simplicity image of a human fist half white and half black holding the scales of justice.  The fist depicts power and the action of holding your rights and strength.  One of my favorite artists Shepard Fairey is one of the judges so its an honor to have him judging my art and would be even more epic if I am chosen as a winner.   Either way I am very happy with the concept that I have done and I hope it does well.


manifest justice ws


Manifest Justice

oil, acrylic, and spray paint on wood panel

36″ by 36″

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