I Love and Hate Arizona!  I was born in Decatur Illinois, which is a small town in the middle of the state.  Its was a one factory town that had its trouble and kind of turned ghetto after that company had some problems.  I was lucky and moved out of there before it went south and relocated to Chandler Az with my family.  So I have been living out here is Arizona for most of my life!  I have seen it grow immensely over the years.  I grew up in Chandler and that was pretty much the end of civilization.  Everything beyond that was rural farms with dirt roads.   Chandler is now one of the fastest growing cities in the country and an awesome place to call home!  Since living in Arizona I have watched it grow into a fun eventful state with lots to offer.  The one thing that has not evolved over the years are its politics!  We are a super right wing state with some very conservative liberals and on the extreme end racists.  We are the proud owner of such nightmares as Joe Arpaio, We almost passed one of the dumbest bills 2153, which would allow business owners to discriminate against gays, lesbians and certain other groups because of their religion, and now hate monger Donald Trump has won the state in votes (which was no surprise because he was backed by Arpaio and we are a conservative right wing state)!  This is hard to deal with because I know most of the millenials and people my age are against all of these politicians and their radical beliefs.  Most People my age are open to change and against all of these hateful thoughts and ignorant statements about Muslims, Mexicans and generally people of color.  It’s embarrassing to be from such a “hateful” state when you believe in love and know that others around you do too!  Arizona is a melting pot of ethnic people who come from all many different places just like how America started and was founded on.  I designed this Love Hate image to show my thoughts and feelings toward Arizona and the juxtaposition that takes place for many living here.  I hope that I can progressively draw the word love bigger until the hate is gone!  Choose Love!

~Jared Aubel


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