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I am excited to announce the unveiling of my newest painting

‘FIERY FRIDA KAHLO’ and the print release.


I learned of Frida Kahlo’s portrait paintings years ago while in college Art history classes, but I was not the biggest fan of her work.  It wasn’t until recently when I started reading and seeing movies and documentaries on her life – her upbringing, struggles, love life, and art career – that it put her artwork into a new light and I became inspired.  That led me to paint, ‘FIERY FRIDA KAHLO’.

When coming up with the idea for my painting of Frida I wanted to incorporate many aspects of her life.  I was inspired by her struggle and determination after her car accident and complications with surgeries.  I love the fact that she still painted while bed ridden in a full body cast.  During this time she created ‘The Wounded Deer’ painting, which was about her enduring physical and emotional suffering.  This was the main inspiration for my painting so I also painted her as the deer.  I chose to paint her as the mounted trophy head that one would proudly displayed on the wall showing off her beauty and giving respect to her as a person and an artist.  Hunters say they mount their kills because it’s a trophy and remembrance of the story.  I wanted to give my painting that same feeling.

Frida was very eccentric.  She loved animals and had many unusual pets.  Some included monkeys, tropical birds, and hairless dogs.  In reference to this, I added a hummingbird to my painting because of its symbolism.  The Aztecs (ancient people of Mesoamerica) honored a god of war as Huitzilopochtli whose name means “hummingbird of the south”.  The Aztecs felt hummingbirds were not only fierce but sacred animals. Upon death, Aztec warriors were believed to morph into hummingbirds and fly to join the god Huitzilopochtli.  I believe Frida was a warrior and definitely a fighter.  

Another element in the painting is a beetle.  This was added because beetles talk to us about steady, gradual progress.  They are symbolic to being grounded and connected to the core of the earth.  I feel like many artists have this same belief.  The beetle does the best with the sh*t life gives them.   

Lastly, the flames depict her bright, brilliant, intense, passionate personality and her burning desire to paint.   Before she passed she said “I don’t want to be buried. I have spent too much time lying down…just burn it!”  I put a lot of thought into this piece and I hope it does justice to the amazing legacy of Frida Kahlo.  

My painting will be unveiled at “LET FRIDA REIN”, a celebration of Frida’s birthday at the Luna Culture Lab  Thursday July 6th from 6pm to 10pm.  I will also have ‘FIERY FRIDA KAHLO’ limited edition signed numbered prints available for sale @ $60 each.  They are also for sale here on my web site.

~Jared Aubel