My most recent painting was inspired by a documentary that I watched on the migration of the Monarch Butterfly.  This was an amazing film that showed how these tiny little insect travels immense distances across the country to hibernate in warmer climates.  These Butterflies also somehow remember the exact tree to return back to!  Sadly one of these major forest areas is a poor town in Mexico and the lumber corporations have moved in and are cutting down all of the trees. This deforestation is causing the death of millions of Monarch Butterflies!  The locals embrace the migration and believe that the return of the butterflies every year is the return of their ancestors souls.   Many of the locals are also secretly cutting down these trees for money to support their families!  It saddens me that it has become such a money driven situation and a catch 22.  I hope my painting helps bring awareness of this and hopefully inspires some change.


day of the dead monarchs oil painting