With all the craziness of the new president I can’t help but create art with a message.  I made two pieces, DAY OF THE LIVING SKULL and PORNO IS MORE BELIEVABLE THAN TRUMP.   The “porno is more believable than trump” is protest piece.  I am still in disbelief that our next president is going to be such a disrespectful, racist, misogynistic, bullying, lying con man!  He has no compassion for others and only thinks in his own best interest.  As serious of a situation this is I try to make light of it and created a hand cut stencil of the saying and painted in on Las Vegas Hooker cards.  I only created a few of these because I want to focus more on being positive and don’t want to sink down to his childish name calling level.

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not my president, president, trump, protest, we the people, fuck, fuck trump, porn, porno,

That being said I created my second painting “DAY OF THE LIVING SKULL”.   This painting is all about strength,power, positivity, love, overcoming fears, and living life.  This is a scary time in our lives with trump becoming president.  I try to stay positive in life and always find the best in situations.  The silver lining to all of this turmoil is that it spawns creativity in the arts.  I am going to continue to work hard and create beautiful art.  From the darkest night comes a brighter day!  I hope this unites us and we can overcome the mockery that trump has created.  I will be the Diamond Lotus flower and blossom from the the mud.  I will not allow the negativity, hate, and ugliness desrtoy my growth!  It will only strengthen me and I will shine on.

~Jared Aubel

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                                               DAY OF THE LIVING SKULL

The piece is painted with oil, acrylic, and spray paint on wood panel.