I made these Cubs Win Dream Catchers because I have been a Chicago cubs fan ever since I can remember.  I was born in Illinois and being the rebellious artist I didn’t want to like was everyone (my Family) liked so I became the black sheep Cubs fan in my St. Louis Cardinals family.  I remember going to Cardinals games as a child and being bummed out because It was not my team.  My parents were kind enough to drive my by wrigley field to take a pic in front of the famous entry way.  We moved to Arizona and then I was lucky because spring training is out there and I could see the cubs play every spring.  They were never very good, but that was ok because it was fun and I was now a fan.  Years later (108) the cubs have put together a winning team that has potential to finally get to the World Series.  So this Dream Catcher has lots of really cool symbolism.  Its symbolizes the catching of the dream of winning a world series and also has ties to my Chicago cubs and Illinois background and my move out to Arizona and the Arizona Indian art.  These dream catchers were created by the Native Americans.  The traditional dream catcher was was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams while letting positive dreams through.  I of coarse flipped it and made it to catch the dream that I want and hold it there as art.  They are fun and I meant no disrespect to the Native Americans, their culture and their beliefs.  I love creating art and learning in the process.  GO CUBS GO!!