Cubs Win the World Series!!  It finally happened!! I have been a cubs fan since I can remember and growing up in an all St. Louis Cardinals fan family that means even more.  I was born in Decatur Illinois and moved out to Arizona at a young age.  That worked out better for me because I was able to see the Cubs play in Spring training games.  The cubs have not always been a good team in fact they usually were pretty terrible.  None of that mattered because they were still my team and if you got a win it was just a bonus!!  After I became a professional artist I had to paint a cubs piece to show my love for the team.  I grew up watching the games on WGN ,because it was pretty much all that was on regular TV, and Harry Caray was the cubs announcer.  The popularity of Harry Caray grew with him singing take me out to the ball game for the seventh inning stretches and possibly having a few to many ice cold Budweisers during the game.  Will Ferrell also brought his impression of Harry to the SNL skits which widened his appeal.  Harry Caray was a perfect image for a series I was starting with people with knuckle tattoos.  I wanted to add a updated new urban street style to a portrait and capture his fun spirit.  I painted The Harry Caray CUBS WIN piece in 2010 and oddly enough I just sold the original to a collector in California this last August.  I told him when he bought it that “the Cubs are going to win the world series now that you purchased the original oil painting”  WOW, cut to the Chicago Cubs are the new 2016 world series champs and what a fairy tale ending to the longest world series drought of any baseball team.  That final game 7 was the best game of baseball that I have ever watched! It had it all, the highs and lows, and the suspenseful rain delay!  It was perfect!

I took the original Harry Caray Cubs win image and changed the knuckles to the dates 1908 2016 to commemorate the dedication of the cubs fans and the triumphed come back victory in typical cubs fashion.  These shirts are available @ and  I still have a few of the CUBS WIN s/n prints left.


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