I am excited to announce the release of my newest s/n prints of my oil painting “5 DOLLAR BILL MURRAY”.  These beautiful prints measure 8″ by 20″ and are printed on a thick 120 lb. acid free paper.  Each print is hand signed and numbered and the edition is only limited to 300. This painting idea came from a real five dollar bill that people change Abe Lincoln into actor comedian Bill Murray.  I thought this was awesome and I could do one better by making it into a painting and add even more fun details of some of my favorite things that he has done and been in.  I was able to include 7 with out it looking cluttered and take away from the piece.  Can you find all of them?  Ghostbusters 5 symbol, the rose bowling ball used by Ernie McCrackin from the movie Kingpin, SNL77 which is the year he was on Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray signature, Steve Zissou signature from the movie Life Aquatic, Team Zissou logo, and lastly BMFM1950  which stands for Bill Mother Fucking Murray 1950 is the years he was born.  I did my best to pay homage to one of my favorites the great Bill Murry!

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5 dollar bill murray art prints