One of my newest painting is titled “DAY OF THE DEAD MONARCH BUTTERFLY”  This painting was inspired by a documentary that I watched on Netflix about the journey of the Monarch butterfly.  It was extremely informative and I learned alot about the mystery and migration of these remarkable insects.  The Monarch Butterfly travels over 2000 miles, form the highlands of Mexico to north America and back. What’s astonishing is that their small bodies and wing design are not suited for this incredibly long trip.  This and the fact that they know exactly how and were to go every time.  These are some of many quandries researchers have about the Monarch.  What impressed me the most was that they were taken off coarse and dropped off randomly in the east coast of North America and after a bit of confusion they all re-navigated and began heading toward Mexico.  This time of migration is around the end of October to escape the cold of the north and find warmth in the forests of Mexico. The sad part of this is that the final destination for these millions of  Monarch Butterflies is being cut down due to deforestation by big corporations.  Without these trees Millions of monarch butterflys have nowhere to hibernate and therefore freeze and die.  The natives of these small towns embrace and celebrate the return of the Monarch Butterfly and believe that the souls of their dead ancestors travel on the wings to bring them good fortune.  This celebration is during the day of the dead fests.  The catch is that these small poverty stricken towns are being bullied by the corporate fat cats and much needed money is being used as persuasion to allow the cutting to continue.  This was all very sad and inspiring to me and that is why I decided to create the “DAY OF THE DEAD MONARCH BUTTERFLY” painting.  My goal is to help spread awareness and hopefully add a voice through my art.  I do have limited edition signed numbered prints available in the shop for $55 each.  They measure 16″ by 20″ and are printed on a 120 lb. paper.  Partial proceeds will be donated toward a foundation which helps put an end to this injustice.

~Jared Aubel



Day of the dead monarchs butterfly print